I See Her When It Rains

*Rain pouring* She’s standing there all alone. I’m not sure why she has been following me. I feel despair. Only when it rains does she appear. I’ve likened to naming her the Umbrella Lady. I’ve seen her in the past – always in the distance… Until recently. The last time it rained, I saw herContinue reading “I See Her When It Rains”

Hark, The Snake Oil Angels Sing!

Hark, the snake oil angels sing! Russia’s tsar rides on our king.   Bullshit here and beefcake there – bovine voters everywhere.   Joyful greedheads make stocks rise  – Rust Belt workers fall for lies.   Hark, the snake oil angels sing! Russia’s tsar rides on our king. Illustrations by Poet Rummager Poem written byContinue reading “Hark, The Snake Oil Angels Sing!”


  My frail mind, lost in a thought, of something else, somewhere other than here, not this darkness, not soaked in your blood, a time where you smiled, when you saw me, how we craved each other, setting our sins ablaze, burning the world together, but then you changed, you became someone else, and itContinue reading “Submit”

The Emerald Star

When it first appeared like a bright star, its origin unknown, we wondered at its beauty like an emerald dazzling through the weeks and months. The star became larger, brighter. After a time outshining the moon. The star, although mesmerizing in its emerald green beauty, was sinister in its purpose. Humanity upon the realization, explodedContinue reading “The Emerald Star”

Let it Go

Straight to the top  roll up the stone.  Steady, watch your feet  as you flow on this road.   Heavy not too heavy – throw down the stone.   Breathe and release  as it goes; let it go.   Shy is your heart but bold be your soul. What you feel is relief. Now soar intoContinue reading “Let it Go”

Hotel Sin

  What is your vice? What is your #1 sin? Whatever it is, you will find it within. These halls beckon you to play that age-old deadly game. So what is it you desire? Is it to murder? If so then why? Perhaps you would rather die? End it all by taking your own life?Continue reading “Hotel Sin”

Skeleton Love

  You play our love song on your bones. Music burrows deep in my marrow.                                                  You want to know what else makes my bones sing?  Halloween, baby!   Last night I was shopping for Halloween decorations at my local Value Village Thrift Store.  Here’s something that blew my mind: everything I bought was spankin’ brand new! Continue reading “Skeleton Love”

Five Haiku Poem: Flowers for Death

  Deep within the seeds, fright grows as poppies erupt blood-red through dark mud.   She picks the flowers. They die slowly in her grasp. Their scent fading fast.     As poppies wither through the night, she dreams of death – invites him to bed.   With cold hands, he holds her tight, andContinue reading “Five Haiku Poem: Flowers for Death”

Can You Get Over Me?

Put daggers in my heart and twist knives into my spine, rip my skin away from the flesh, and drain my blood, drop by drop. Cut me into two halves, and then cut those halves further. Take my eyes away. Discard them on your way home. Roast my flesh in a fiery rage. Fill my soul withContinue reading “Can You Get Over Me?”

In Our Box

I want to be buried with you. I don’t want to wait until we die.                                                                    In our small box, we can lie on top of each other so close that your ribs press into mine every time you take a breath – every time you move against me.     Our eyes will never adjust to theContinue reading “In Our Box”