You Choose The Horror!!!

Raise your hand if you like horror. Oh. Excuse me. I didn’t see that your hand was severed! It’s okay, just feed me a topic and I’ll unleash the hounds of horror upon the unsuspecting victims who dare to read such a dark tale about…well…did you decide yet?


  1. Think of something scary. Really scary.
  2. Write a comment & share your idea.
  3. FlyTrapMan will dedicate a story to the unlucky winner.


Cerebral. Graphic. Nightmarish. Subtle. Dark comedy. Nothing is out of bounds…that’s a lie—please don’t suggest anything that involves strange X-rated intimacy. Pretty please? We don’t want to send people to the hospital, or cause someone to become too excited, because that’s rude, and I’m not in the mood to get arrested.

Now that we got that out of the way, leave a comment and share one of your bright ideas. Give me something to write about. Fragments of ideas are also acceptable. Don’t be shy.

Here’s a lovely example.

If a chicken escaped a Satanic ritual, and somehow acquired the abilities of a demon while it was almost sacrificed: what kind of hell would it unleash upon humanity?

FlyTrapMan will write a story based upon your idea! Maybe. Unlucky winners are chosen randomly. All stories are dedicated to the sickos who created the idea—a link to their website or blog will be shared with everyone.


Remember: You asked for it.

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40 thoughts on “You Choose The Horror!!!

      1. She was 21 years old, so she did have a full life. Thanks sweet Sarah. xo Zombie cats aren’t that different from normal cats except they stink and don’t die easily unless you smash their heads. 😱

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I´m so glad she had a good and long life, Rose! But I´m sending you big and gentle hugs anyway! xoxoxoxoxo

          Haha! Love you definition of a zombie cat! 😀 I think I need to reread “Pet semmetary” soon 😉

          Have a lovely weekend! 🙂 ❤ 😘


  1. Something terrifying, hmmm…
    A haunted clock-tower strikes 13 and the secluded little town is set upon by the dead. In a world without heroes a villain will do.
    (Sorry, that may not be “really scary.” I just see in my head this character being chased by some long passed loved one knowing the whole town is in disarray and no one will save him/her.)

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    1. That’s sounds scary to me! Can you imagine being chased by your recently departed favorite teacher? She’s yelling at you to turn in your homework from 2nd grade (they *never* forget!), and why the hell didn’t you leave an apple at her grave?? Shivers.

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  2. Here’s an idea — There’s an old woman who loved dolls and she would bury her dolls in the back of her yard, complete with tombstones. Although she loved her dolls very much, she also had a strange side to her. She would abuse them and when she finds them damaged for some strange reason (is it her or Memorex), she would have a burial. One evening after a strange astral object flew past the doll cemetery, the buried dolls started to dig themselves out of their graves . . . . Mwahahahahaha

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  3. Deep in the woods in Missouri, there is a river leading through a lazy backwoods town.
    Nothing much happening there so the teens ( it’s always teens ready to meet a grisly end) like to go frog gigging in the spring time.

    Little do they know there is a chemical plant up river dumping toxic waste.
    Somehow this causes a genetic mutation causing the frogs to grow to twelve feet in length and amazingly they can walk on two feet in addition to becoming extremely evil.

    The frogs finally get their revenge!
    Stick it to the man froggy!

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